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We Build and Sell E-Bike's
This One I was Riding this Unit back and Forth to work for over 2 Months.
I can Convert your Exiting Bike if it fits the Requirements
or Build you A new one like this one.
Worked out the bugs of getting the battery bag to hold up
This Bike Started as a 26" Roadmaster Granite Peaks 18 Speed Mountain Bike
Its is Now a 26" 21 Speed 36 Volt 500W Electric Mountain Bike 
It has been tested daily back and forth to work 4 miles each way
being charged only at night for the next day
Used - $600 Local Pick Up Only
Can be Shipped Buyer Pays All Shipping Costs 
Runs about 16-18 MPH without Pedaling Faster if you Pedal
Batteries Last about 8-10 Miles Without Pedaling Longer if you Pedal
Approximate Charging Time 2 -3 Hours Half Full 5 - 6  Hours Fully Drained Batteries 
Contact Me for Details
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Non Refundable Deposit Required prior to Ordering parts to Build you a Bike or Modify yours